Tumbling 6+

Tumbling 6+

Beginner Tumbling
Ages 6 – 9 & 10+
This 55-minute class offers girls an opportunity to learn beginning and intermediate tumbling skills on floor exercise, using the rod floor, trampoline, and tumble track as training aids. Emphasis is on teaching basic skills including cartwheels, round-offs, back-handsprings and front-handsprings.

Intermediate Tumbling
Ages 6 – 9 & 10+
This 55-minute class is for students with previous tumbling experience. This class is focused on mastering skills such as round-off-back handspring, front handpring and other skills to prepare student for advanced level.
To ensure proper class placement for your student minimum proficiency must be displayed:
Handstand-front limber-stand up
Back walkover

Advanced Tumbling
Ages 6 – 9 & 10+
This 55-minute class is the next step for students who have learned a back-handspring without assistance on the floor. These girls will work on more advanced tumbling skills including: back tucks, back layouts, and full twists. An emphasis will also be placed on executing a tumbling series including: 1) round-off back handspring, 2) round-of back handspring back tuck, and 3) round-off back handspring back layout.
Please Note: To enroll for this class please call the front desk for assistance.

Beg/Int/Adv Pricing
WOGA Frisco & Plano

1 Class A Week
$92.00 per month

2 Classes A Week
$174.00 per month

3 Classes A Week
$236.00 per month


10% Tuition Discount for Siblings
$35 Annual Registration Fee will apply to each student
72 hour Money Back Guarantee